Facebook are for stupid people. Rant. hate. Shit. Burn these people I’m begging you!

There was a Facebook page which I really really like. It’s called Tahanan ng Mga Rakistang Pinoy (Home of Pinoy Rockers). I love rock, definitely love music but look what one of the admins posted SELF-HARM PHOTO

A self-harm photo with the caption “haha, emo? pakamatay ka na!” (haha EMO? GO KILL YOURSELF!)

I was fuckin offended! Those posers labeling a self-harmer an Emo (which isn’t even a label but a Music genre) telling those who self-harm to go die! What the fuck is that? They are all narrow-minded, stupid, fuckin idiots! Yeahh stupid idiot, redundancy, who cares, stupid and idiot is even an understatement for those people who doesn’t really know what self-harm is about, what people who self-harm are going through and how offensive and hurting those comments are telling people who self-harm stupid~

I really hate it. I really hate them. I fuckin hate society who only looks at people’s faults and not really understand what they’re going through~

I am fuckin mad I wanna rip off those people! Fuck them! They do not know what they’re saying, pretending they know what every kind of people are going through! They can all go die! fuck them! fuck fuck fuck them! 

I am so angry, so mad I wanna cry. Everything is bullshit! I am so hurt. Look how offensive those comments are. Look at what they are all saying! They’re making fun of me. Making fun of my friends who go through the same phase, making fun of people who suffer more that they thought they knew!

This is all shit! those people are fuckin shit!!!!!

You post on facebook saying you wanna end all this shit because it’s actually what you feel and they’d say you just wanted attention.

You post on tumblr and they’d know it’s a cry for help.

No can't in Yr-CAN-is: And Why did you Post this as your FB Status? «


 Ahhhh yes…the Facebook status. It could be informative, thought provoking or just plain stupid. I firmly believe there should be a “stupid” button right next to the “like” button and I also believe if you don’t have anything interesting to say, then please don’t post it. Here are my observations and categories of statuses I mustered up.  I would like to point that I have done these, observed these, and probably still do these, but not to the extremity that super avid FB users usually do.

Let’s start with the one I hate the most…

The “What I’m Doing 24/7” Status

Ummmm… No one needs to know what you are going to do that day.  ”Work then lunch, gym, tanning, and laundry” EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I would like to think when you do indeed post something that you are doing something special, made an interesting observation out of something during your day, not the mundane tasks of your life.

Which leads me into…

The “Status” Status

Ah yes… this is what the status update is all about.  ”Where am I currently in my life that I want to share with people close to me on Facebook?”  -Mind you I use “close” loosely for those who have a billion friends- For example: I’m engaged, I’m pregnant, new job, in the hospital, and graduation.  These are informative and on a need to know basis, and therefore, relevant.

The “Complaining” Status

“I love how”- sarcastic you’re being right now.

“Why…”- don’t I care about this status.

The “Weather” Status

This could go along with the “Complaining” Status depending on what you feel about hot or cold weather.  This is also informative and on a need to know basis.  For example: I haven’t been outside yet and don’t want to step out without getting a second opinion on what to wear when I leave this dark room with no windows.  If someone posted, “OMG!!!! I wore a dress and I’m still sweating!!!” I now know to wear as much clothing as a stripper.

The “I’m Bored” Status

This one, too, could also go along with the “Complaining” Status.  I’m a firm believer of never being bored.  Boredom is a state of mind, so get off your computer, read a book at the beach, paint a picture, watch a movie, etc.  I don’t want to hear your crocodile tears about being bored and wanting someone to hang out with.  Call your friends specifically because no one will jump at the chance to hang if you don’t personally contact them.  Everyone likes to feel special (which is the concept of Facebook) and you just sound pathetic & …guess what?… BORING.

The “Dear Blah Blah” Status

This one also could go along with the “Complaining” Status, but not entirely.  

“Dear Tequila, You make me happy and I would drink you all the time.  Love, Yrcanis.”  :-)

I got to admit that this is a clever and interesting way of either complaining or expressing a thought, but it is over-saturating the FB Walls of the World.

The “Promotional” Status

This one is indeed purposeful and interesting.  ”Come see my band”, “I’m giving away ticket to a show”, “Come show your support”, and “Party @ my place” are just a couple of examples.  Anything that could get people away from Facebook is a good status and it also says, “I like to do things other than go to the gym or work.”  You could also help their cause by going and putting it up as your status.   How nice are you!?

The “Good Morning/Good Night FB” Status

Seriously?  I want to click the STUPID BUTTON.

The “QUOTE” Status

This could be philosophic and religious quotes by Biggie or Tupac, that could be relevant or get you thinking about life, love, God, etc.  These are not bad.  At least it evokes thinking in others.  And about those song lyrics and movie quotes…I like those. :-P

Of course, there are many more categories we could break FB Statuses into.  These are the ones that are more specific and stand out to me.  I believe in creativity and entertainment which a status could provide.  I guess even the stupid ones are entertaining, especially if you’re at a bar with your friends and want to laugh at the expense of other friends behind their backs.  I’m just writing as a warning for those to think twice about what they post on FB or the world will press the “Stupid” Button.

When I see stupid statuses on Facebook, and try my hardest to not make rude sarcastic comments.


i know right. heh.

hahaha. ♥ Daniel ^_^

Dear Facebook,

I’ll be back later. I’m on Tumbler, tumbling. lol. :)