"This is goodbye."

"No. No, it isn’t. We’re going to disappear as one. So, we’ll be together, forever."

— Sword Art Online

If we make it back to the real world, I’ll find you. And fall in love with you all over again.

— Yuuki Asuna, Sword Art Online

Just a little something to cheer me up.

Yasaka Cthugha. You can call me Cthuko. I am Nyarlko’s wife. I cut ties with Nodens’ organization so, let’s kiss ♥

Nyarlko ♥ Cthuko lablab~ >///<

lol. :))

Thanks. Even though you had a lot of ulterior motives, you still protected me. We didn’t know each other for very long, but I have so much to thank for. I’m sure I’ll never forget you.

Mahiro, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Back then, with that small trembling body, you tried to hug with all the power you could muster, someone who has gone through the same pain you did. And that was because it was the one thing you wanted someone else to do for you.

— Teresa, Claymore

It’d be all right if we hold on to each other like this.

— Claymore

I will be waiting… for the day we can embrace death together.

— Kikyo, Inuyasha

I’m neither one nor the other. I’m not a demon… nor am I human. I don’t belong to either. So, I always believed that I had to create my place in life through power. That was the only way I knew how to live and then I realized… I was all alone.

"Inuyasha… I… You’ve made me happy."


"It’s the first time you’ve opened up to me. I wanted to know about your sad times, the rough times, about your feelings and your thoughts. I’m glad that you talked to me seriously."

That makes you happy?

"Uh-huh. So, sometimes, you can show me your weak side."

Hah! You make it sound like I was whining just now!

"So what? You’re not alone anymore."

Not alone? Yeah, before I knew it… and yet so naturally… Kagome is by my side.

— Inuyasha

I don’t know how you look at yourself, but I think more of you than that.

— Oreki Houtarou, Hyouka

"I’m glad…"


"Walking along a beach at sunset, with the person I love, is my dream. My dream came true."

What are you saying?

"Huh? Did I say something strange?"

You’re acting strange. You’re usually loud and hanging all over me, but you’ve suddenly become quiet. I mean, I can’t believe you when you say you love me. You’re always playing around and making things up. Uh, umm

"If I’m not acting silly, it’s hard to say I love you. But this is how I really feel, so I’ll say it again and again."


Mahiro, I love you.”

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

That’s right. My happiness is tied to her sadness. Her happiness is tied to my sadness. I know this, but… but in that moment, I felt like I shared happiness and sadness with Rea.

— Chihiro, Sankarea

This is what I longed for when I was alive. We cannot return at that time, so, I want to stay like this a little longer.


*who in the world doesn’t even like this anime? :O I’ll kill them~